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Sport Management Firm providing world-class services in the field of sports. We aim to positively impact people from different walks of life through sports with our multi-dimensional services and solutions.

What is Sports Academy / School Management?

Sportree believes that in a country of billion young prodigies with so much potential and talent, a structural program starting from the grassroots to the elite level is very essential. We look forward to providing the budding talents to become proficient in the science and the art of Sports. We are a highly experienced group fully equipped to INTRODUCE, INDULGE AND INCULCATE sports as a part of education in schools and provide a professional platform to the Academies to complement the facility with our sports expertise and trained professional coaches.

As a Sports Management Firm, we believe that Sports and games must be given the utmost attention in Indian schools. Sports and games encompass more than just the benefits of physical things, it increases confidence, self-esteem, and mental alertness which makes them an essential part of the curriculum.

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We have partnered with Jagrihi Sports Coaching Academy to inculcate our Sports Coaching and Mentoring Programs.


Jagrihi Sports Coaching Academy

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