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Sport Management Firm providing world-class services in the field of sports. We aim to positively impact people from different walks of life through sports with our multi-dimensional services and solutions.

Professional Team

We have a very experienced group of players, coaches and nutritionists, trainer, sports psychologist contributing to develop a structural and scientific training system for different sports.

Ideal Regiment

We have unique categorization for young athletes in different phases depending on their progress.

Unique Outlook

What makes us so unique is our simplified reporting, analysis and interaction between athlete, coaches, parents and other involved stakeholders for efficient timely feedback.

Advanced Infrastructure

With the present standard in the world sport we believe that athletes must be exposed to top class training facilities from the grassroots itself.

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This is our mantra, our way of life. Our objective is to harness the potential of a country of a billion young prodigies through structural training starting from the grassroots to an elite level.

Chiradeep Sports Foundation

Many a times we hear that a player quits from playing a sport due to lack of funds. In a country of billion where talent is in abundance and more 50% of the country’s population are dealing with poverty, such situation is bound to happen. CHIRADEEP SPORTS FOUNDATION is one it's kind providing the Underprivileged kids who are talented in sport with the required support to flourish.

Our team selects through proper scouting thereby creating the profile. We believe that we with the support of many can facilitate the talents and help the grow and bring greater glories for the country.

Chiradeep Sports Foundation

Our Location

97G, Hafiz Md Ishaque Rd, Writers Para, Paschim Putiary, Kolkata, West Bengal 700082


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